A La Carte (March 22)


Ligonier Ministries will send you a free copy of A Little Book on the Christian Life. It’s a great book at any price. But free? You know what to do…

Today’s Kindle deals include a couple of books by Mike Reeves (hint: if he writes it, you read it) and one by John MacArthur.

Westminster Books is having their annual sale on ESV pew Bibles. It’s time to stock up!

News broke early yesterday on social media that Paul Washer had had a heart attack. You can receive updates on the HeartCry Missionary Society Facebook page.

Trusting Each Other on the Winding Mountain Roads of Life

“It doesn’t take long in marriage to figure out that we are leading each other into all kinds of things, good and bad. We take on some of the same habits. We introduce each other to our tastes, and sometimes, because we are two imperfect people with sinful tendencies, we lead each other into sin. I wonder if we realize on that day at the altar, just how much we are depending on each other for accountability, for encouragement to follow Christ, for a godly example being lived out in our home, day after day?”

Who Are “The Least of These?”

Kevin DeYoung answers well: “The least of these” refers to other believers in need—specifically, itinerant Christian teachers dependent on other Christians for hospitality and support. That’s my answer to the title of this blog post.”

Was Luther Guilty of Anti-Semitism? (Video)

This is an excellent answer to a very common charge.

The Gathering Storm

Albert Mohler speaks of the gathering storm that threatens religious liberty today: “Religious liberty simply evaporates as a fundamental right grounded in the U.S. Constitution, and recedes into the background in the wake of what is now a higher social commitment—sexual freedom.”

A Few Words About That Ten-Million-Dollar Serial Comma

Here’s one for the grammar geeks. “Nothing, but nothing—profanity, transgender pronouns, apostrophe abuse—excites the passion of grammar geeks more than the serial, or Oxford, comma. People love it or hate it, and they are equally ferocious on both sides of the debate.”

Is My Desire Sour?

Melissa Kruger helpfully distinguishes between good desires and sinful ones.

On Emotionalism and the Gospel

We are prone to exchange the gospel for displays of emotion. “The gospel is the power of God to save. You may be able to force an emotional response, but you are utterly incapable of forcing a heart or life change in someone. And that’s freeing. When you trade the gospel for emotionalism you lose the very power of God.”

Flashback: Stop Slandering Public School Teachers

The things we keep hearing from Christians as they speak about public school teachers does not describe reality—our reality, at least. We know now that so many of these statements are unfair and untrue. They are slanderous. Yet they come from Christians.

Moralism says to unbelievers, “Be what you are not.” Christianity says to believers, “Be what you are.” —Alistair Begg

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